Purpose, Vision, Mission

Purpose, Vision, Mission


For God’s glory, Covenant Church exists

  • To worship God in spirit and truth
  • To equip Christians to grow in Christ together
  • To proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ to Livingston County and to the world

John 4:24; Ephesians 4:12; Mark 16:15


Our eternal, triune, and holy God, having created the entire universe is now ruling over it with majesty, sovereignty, and holiness and is working all things to His eternal glory:

  • The eternal Father so loves the Church that He sent Jesus Christ as our Savior to pay the eternal penalty for our sins and to reconcile us to Himself.
  • The crucified and risen Lord, Jesus Christ, paid for our sins once and for all and now has been given all authority in heaven and earth and now reigns from heaven as our King.
  • The Holy Spirit having been sent by the Father and the Son, presently abides with His people, regenerating, reviving, renewing and guiding us to lead holy lives in this present age.

Jesus will one day return to complete His kingdom, judging the world in righteousness and truth, ushering in a new heaven and new earth in which God will dwell with His people and where there will be no more death, nor sorrow, nor pain as Christ will have made all things new.

Through this promise we set our vision and live confidently pursuing His kingdom and glory as His precious possessions.

Ephesians 1:3-23; 3:14-20; Phil 2:5-11, Rev 21, I Pe 1:3-6; Col 1:15-23, John 1:1-5


God-Centered Worship

In faithfulness to the Scriptures, we strive to be a community dedicated to God’s glory. Rooted in God’s amazing grace, we joyfully enter corporately into God’s presence, in order to express our thanks to Him, sing His praises, hear from His Word, confess our sins and make our requests known to Him.


In response to God’s amazing grace, we strive daily to understand better the gospel and its implications for all of life. We who have known Christ as Savior should grow in Christ and reach towards maturity in Christ. Instructed from God’s Word and empowered by His Spirit, we are divinely equipped to glorify God in whatever calling God has placed us.


In response to the saving actions of Jesus Christ, we strive towards the goal of reaching out to all persons with the love and grace of the Lord Jesus Christ so that all the nations that God has made shall come and worship before Him (Ps 86:9).

 Mercy Ministry

In response to the mercy of God in our own lives, we strive to show the mercy of God to others, not only in the words of evangelism, but also in our deeds of mercy. Such mercy is to be shown both to members of Christ and to those who have yet to know Him.